Our Services

Why REI Logistic LTD?

1. Clearing of consignments without incurring storage charges and demurrage or penalties by custom.

2. Monitor each shipment and submit daily report to client showing clearance position and any other information until the cargo is cleared and delivered.

3. Advise Customer on existing Customs/TPA regulations and changes affecting clearance and handling of cargo.

4. Advice Customer promptly on payable duties and taxes to enable Customer organizes payment early

5. Pay ALL OTHER DISBURSEMENTS on behalf of Customer. Disbursement fees will be for mutually agreed payments by the clearing agents including but not limited to TPA charges, import invoice charges and container deposit, shipping line storage charges.
  • Timely refund of container deposit / Waiver arrangement.
  • Arrangement of Transport consignment from Ports to Customer premises with low cost.
  • Arrangement of Loading and offloading of consignment upon request.
  • Preparation of all TRA/Gov documentation including Exemption Documents and Permits.
  • Securing of shipping charges & port charges.
  • Arrangement of security escorts or local insurance before receipt of goods upon request.
  • Frequency of availability: all the time 24/7 service.
  • Processing of refund claims from TRA.
  • In-bonding and De-bonding Services including Customs Bonded Warehouse arrangement.
  • EPZ Import and Export Services
  • Transit Goods and Local Export Services.